The loan agreement

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The loan agreement or the PC loan belongs to the category of loans of assistance to the accession. The beneficiaries are households without income conditions, unlike the PAS loan. Agreed loan rates can not exceed a ceiling determined by decree.

The advantages of the loan agreement

The advantages of the loan agreement

The PC loan entitles you to Personalized Housing Assistance (APL). This assistance is calculated on the basis of the composition of the household, its income, and its place of residence. It is possible to estimate the amount of these rights on the website of the Cassa Allocation family (CAF).

Complementary loans to the agreed loan and aid

Complementary loans to the agreed loan and aid

For the financing of a principal residence, the borrower can take out a PC loan and also have recourse:

Complementary loans to the PC:

  • Zero-interest loan (PTZ +), if the borrower meets the conditions for obtaining
  • Housing Action Loan (formerly named 1% Housing)
  • Housing Savings Loan (PEL)
  • Relay loan


  • Personalized assistance to housing
  • Grant from the National Agency for Housing Improvement
A credit commits you and must be repaid, check your repayment capabilities before you commit.

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