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If you find yourself in the unenviable situation of wondering who to borrow money from (whether you need to spend it or repay it to someone), be sure to keep an eye on who will ask for that money. Because, in a country where the number of unemployed people has just begun to decline (which now stands at over 171,000, not because of “job growth” but because of mass emigration to more promising countries!), It is not easy to choose the person we can seek financial help from, or loan.

But if we don’t already have a choice, which one to borrow money from, it should first depend on the amount we need, and if we decide to help ask one of our friends, acquaintances, or a relative (a natural person mostly) we should be careful to ask someone who is safe in us trusts – and in order to seal this trust, it is best, of course, to propose a contract that we will both sign with a notary, which contains information on how much money we borrow, as well as a plan and a deadline for repayment.

Most will ask for a loan rather than borrow money from individuals

Most will ask for a loan rather than borrow money from individuals

However, most of us do not or do not know anyone to borrow money from, or certainly want to avoid it as a last resort. Once we have given up on friends and relatives, the question of who to borrow money from is imposed by banks, card and credit houses that can give you money without a mortgage.

It is then best to inquire at the various branches of banks and credit companies about the current offer they have and the conditions; which will probably ultimately be crucial to our choice (because they do not meet all the requirements that banks and credit institutions seek).

First of all, it is very important that we are employed on an indefinite basis, that is, we have permanent monthly wages and an unburdened part of the salary, which in most cases should amount to more than or about 2/3 of the salary. For some loans, the bank will also require a guarantor or a co-borrower, which entitles the bank to claim the repayment in the event of irregular repayment of the loan.

Sometimes a bank requires other collateral, so with a home loan, it may require a mortgage over real estate, a life insurance policy that has been vinculated in favor of the bank … loans or we have paid them properly (and we are also full-time employees), a bank loan will not be a problem. Then we can actually choose from the benefits offered by banks and the various credit card companies, which often offer non-purpose loans with a reasonable repayment period.

Lending companies in response to the question “who to borrow money from”

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However, if we fall short on the first condition of some of the 30 banks and several card companies in Croatia, we have financial or credit companies left. Their advantage is that their requirements are slightly smaller, so they will come to us with the various complications that we may find ourselves in that do not represent the “ideal client”.

In most cases, we will get a loan quickly, even if we estimate that the banks are illiquid and blacklisted, if the report from HROK (Croatian Registry of Creditors) is not quite right, even if we are the free part of the salary is less than the required minimum (credit to the rest of the income); this is why credit houses are the best option when our financial liquidity is not at an enviable level, and we still wonder where to borrow money from…

Borrowing money is the easier part…

Borrowing money is the easier part…

Lastly, whether we decide to borrow money from a friend, bank, card or credit company, the longer-term part is called – repaying a loan! Therefore, when choosing a loan on time, take care that the loan should be repaid and that it is not something that can be avoided!